National Poetry Month–Facts

from The Long Haul

I’m trying to resign myself to
this fall’s first hard frost,
a leaky faucet that needs maintenance,
an overdrawn checkbook;
these things give proof that
I’m as crisp as fall leaves, yet,
capable of approaching the necessary.

I’ve come to understand couplings,
male ends, female ends,
PVC pipe, and roof cement.
I hold the phone with an ear,
and ask you for confirmation,
milky motor oil means a blown head gasket.
It is a fact I’ve learned, like
add antifreeze while motor is running.

In your mind, I’ve become able;
you nod your head on
the other end of the line.
You set your hands to the wheel,
travel across time zones.

I turn to the garden beds, mulch and cover.
Insulate the attic. Re-glaze windows.
The phone ring comes less to my ear.
Crickets are dying.

~Copyright Kim Nixon

November 1, 2002


The Long Haul is a collection of poetry that you will not find in chapbook form (yet). The voice is the reflections of a  wife during the first years of her husband’s search for employment in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and his choice to eventually become a over-the-road truck driver. The work is by Kim Nixon and is highly autobiographical and feels like a lifetime away now.

About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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