National Poetry Month–Breadwinners

from The Long Haul


I have watched the dog at your side
twitching its paws,
chasing its dreams.

I tiptoe through the mornings
not wanting to disturb
your sleep on the couch.

This tense hesitation in our lives,
you between jobs,
and me making my way through it alone.

As I shuffle the bills
drifting over the desktop
I watch a cardinal flit from tree
to bread crumb,
to tree again.

I want to crash through the glass,
seize the tiny bird in the cage of my fingers
lower my lips to its beak
and whisper sweet nothings.

But a blue jay screeches warning
and the cardinal flies off, as I must,
leaving you in the multicolored afghan
waiting for the phone to ring
and offer opportunity.

~Poem Copyright Kim Nixon

“The Long Haul” is a collection of poetry that you will not find in chapbook form (yet). The voice is the reflections of a wife during the first years of her husband’s search for employment in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and his choice to eventually become a over-the-road truck driver. The work is by Kim Nixon and is highly autobiographical and feels like a lifetime away now.

About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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