National Poetry Month–Breadwinners II

from The Long Haul

Breadwinners II

The resurrection of spring comes late
to the Northwoods. Like Peter,
you have denied me three times,
turning down jobs that would
bring you home.

Caught by a sudden cold snap,
a song sparrow flies through the basement.
I place towels over the heat vents
to prevent her from pleading with me.

I ponder your return, thinking
the daffodils will be trumpeting,
but, like the bird, trapped
they refuse to bloom.

As snow starts to fly
I turn cartwheels in the green icy grass.
The world is upside down,
right side up, upside down,
and I close my eyes, dizzy and disoriented.

Somehow, I have to free the bird,
release her from the house without
hurting her wings, I replace
the mesh cap over the chimney and
fling the cellar doors wide.

She flies and rests on a branch to ease
the rapid beat of her heart
I spread seed and bread crumbs.
Sitting motionless on the picnic table
I watch, wait.

~poem copyright Kim Nixon

The Long Haul is a collection of poetry that you will not find in chapbook form (yet). The voice is the reflections of a wife during the first years of her husband’s search for employment in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and his choice to eventually become a over-the-road truck driver. The work is by Kim Nixon and is highly autobiographical and feels like a lifetime away now.

About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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