In My Own Backyard–Good Friday

Clothesline with Pins, photo by Kim Nixon

I have been playing with filters in Photoshop; they are add-in filters from optikVerse Labs. This is quite new for me. In the past I have only used Photoshop to work with contrast and do slight color corrections. But I would like to learn more, play more.

These photos were taken afterwork on Good Friday in my own backyard. I am thinking much about the garden and even purchased some peas to plant. There is much raking to do, and old plants that I let fall into a ruckus that have dried and clutter clear views of new sprouting flowers. It is a bulbous time and the music in the garden has begun with crocus. They do not seem to mind the Christmas lights still about the garden. More shots to come this weekend.

Crocus Fade, photo by Kim Nixon


About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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  1. I am enjoying seeing your latest photos using the filters. I really like the scalloped black edge in the background of the pegs. Is that a fence? It’s wonderfully abstract and breaks up the space nicely :) Take care my friend.

  2. Yes, the scalloped black edge is a fence on a hill. I loved taking the up shot. What do we do when ahnging clothes onthe line? We look to the skies, make sure it is safe.

    Your bird and sky shots are inspiring me to look-up more.

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