Free Write Fling: getting to the point –>

Blonder–>that is how I am today.

Calmer–>that is also how I am today.

Today we are cleaner–>as I scrubbed the sink, toilet and tub and almost caught up on the dishes.

Healthier–>as even though I was feeling the need to fall off my weight-loss diet I went to Border Grill and had a smart-sized  cheese quesadilla with black bean side dish.

I am suppose to be working on a vision board and seem to be avoiding this project but I am getting my mental space clear. I am cleaning workspace in a messy studio.

I washed the rug and actually got it to spin out–>that counts, correct?

I emptied out spoiled foods to the garbage and made plans to eat lots of yogurt over the coming days –>that also counts, correct?

I have notes all thru the book I am reading along with bits and pcs. Of poems. The book is Poemcrazy. Highly recommended.

As you can tell this is a wandering free write as I attempt to gain some focus and forward motion. I have not done well on the Free Write Fling this month—I keep trying to renew my commitment.

I am in fact trying to figure out how best to apply my creative talents into a new career. Build a biz that fits an unfilled niche that will make me wildly popular and well-rewarded.

I want fruits from my labors and I mean the kind that will buy me a Subaru Forester and take me to Omega in Rhinebeck for workshops. I want to go to Yoga school and learn healing modalities. I want to publish cards, books, ebooks, and calendars.

I want to sleep to noon tomorrow–>but instead I am working 8-4 taking care of a great family.

I want to go on a long hike up Hogsback. I want to snap pic of waterfalls. I want to skinny dip in Lake Superior (but will probably, gladly wait a month before doing so).

As you can tell this free write is all over the place.


A constant mediation where I struggle to bring it back to my breathe and the intention for this practice–>clarity.

Have I let others down or only myself ? Or have I come to a place beyond all that. Over the rainbow. Beyond Lake Michigan. New shorelines. Daisy became May. New Releases.

Cryptic writing steam of mind, heart, soul. Like seeds blowing on the wind. Dandelion or milkweed from last fall.

Empty acorns



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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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