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Things have been a bit “quackers” for me. I am suffering from muscles spasms and migraines. I know this shall pass, once again (it always does). But I feel so many things are unattended to. Please enjoy this odd little fellow. (I think I have identified this duck as a Red Breasted Merganser).

Allium Dreams


I have always wanted the big purple spray of delicate blooms in my gardens. This shot was taken down the hill from my home under a tall tree in the shade with a circular polarizer filter on my Canon s5 IS. I was headed to the lake front. I found the filter plus shady into light conditions gave me bokeh. Then in PS7; I used actions from Optikverve with their Virtual Photographer freebies and created this image.

Today in Marquette: More Fog

blowing backin_1053

My Mornin’ in the Fog


This morning I woke before the fog cleared and headed to Presque Isle for a run. I needed some alternate terrain if I want to keep running trail runs and getting better/faster. ( If you’d like this image–Blue Web–let me know).


But I was thinkin’ photos as soon as I saw the fog–but lucky for me it was thick enough that I convinced myself I had time for a run before it started to burn off.

I ran past sleeping deer and 100s of ground spiders who had tented out on the dewy grasses. Heavy drops of fog formed dew high up in the hardwoods and as I ran they dropped.


These shots were taken on the way home at Marquette’s Lower Harbor. I then headed to the Farmer’s Market at The Commons for pea sprouts, parsley, organic strawberries and grabbed eggs at the co-op it was not far after 9am when I arrived home.

Mike was asleep so I popped upstairs to download the shots. A car pulled up. Mike the Younger had arrived to work with dad on the bay window. I cooked us all asparagus (steamed) scrambled eggs, and a side of raw pea sprouts–a little sweet with Strawberries and yogurt.

What an awwesome life I have. Blessed.

June Florals–Rhoddies at the Courthouse


Practice at the Courthouse Grounds, today. The wind was blowing pretty hard today. Just trying to get flowers still enough. Love getting the details.




Part of my process has been to push past my limitations–in essence to see differently–to reach. Thus, as I reach, I am playing with fountains and trees (yes they are sculpted trees) and the sky.


A big reach for me is to see images in a color “other than” what its reality is. This may be stepping back in time to the Black and White days, or applying copper as I did here.


This one is my favorite. Look how the bark on the sculpted tree comes to life. The “sunset” brings up the detail and color.


Mystic, daydream, we are entering summer. I watched teenage girls at the beach, and park texting while walking. I thought of the days I laid about as a cat, lazy. Not constantly connecting. I sought disconnect.

To view these photos large visit my Flickr or click on the images. And please remember all rights reserved. If ya gotta have-it, ask and we can make arrangements.

They’ve Popped!


Happy with the result…


Ordered this digital capture in 16×24 from and the result is stunning! The shipping is fast and they ship in a secure fashion; I never worry about the prints getting damaged. I think I need to get an Etsy Store up and running.

Final Stretch…

photo by Mike Hainstock

This is a photo of me on the final stretch of the Crossroads Challenge held at the Blueberry Ski-Trails at M-553 and County Road 480 (Marquette/Sands). The race was June 6 and I ran a 37.8 minute 5k. I had run a road race on level ground in May and had a 39.95 time. This course had up and downhills and was a trail run. I cramped terriblly 1/2 way and had abdomen cramps until evening (on and off). But I improved, I finished. I will run again soon. Today I weighed in at 161 pounds (down from 198).

Marquette Farmer’s Market

photo by Kim Nixon

photo by Kim Nixon

photo by Kim Nixon

Before breakfast images at the Marquette’s Farmer’s Market at The Commons. Went home to scramble eggs and have lovely bread with a side of asparagus!

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