Still Processing Digi-Captures from Trip


Memorial Day weekend, Mike and I headed to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and I’m still processing some of the 1960 digi-captures. It was a trip of freezing cold nights some where we did not return from trails until close to midnight after riding 25 miles on EMPTY hoping gas stations were open in Grand Marais. Trillium blanketed hillsides. We hiked 20 plus trail miles in 3 days. The photo above is the backseat of our Blazer and it has notes (at Flickr) so you can view each item and what importance it might have. The photo below is a self portrait of me in the door of the West Bay Diner. We ate there on the way home. It was heavenly–I ordered the steak sandwich with grilled veggies and fries–it came with a malt in my choice of flavors, too! Be sure to check out the Flickr set of our trip for everything from super-macros on the forest floor to dune and beach vistas.


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  1. I almost went there when I was visiting my uncle in Ontario. Never got a chance to go down. :(

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