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Create With Kim

You may have noticed the blog title has changed from The Dailies to Create With Kim! signalling a shift and what I hope will be a more thematic and purposeful change to my blogging.

I have been looking at the future, my Bucket List(s), where I want to be in 5 years, or even the 5 years after that. I’ve been searching for my path which was right under my feet. Maybe it took losing 40 pounds to have the confidence and energy to start forming a new direction, to find the motivation. But much of this I have been doing all along.

I kept thinking, I need some great momentum to launch. Certainly my current life would not prop me up sufficiently and I feared risks and my own energy levels.

Yet, I knew all my own negative talk was fruitless. I knew all the abundant thoughts. I knew how to bring a new “being” into creation. Afterall, I had done it with years ago. Homeroad was a long acronym that stood for Hands Over Miles Easily Reaching Out Across Divides, a supportive forum for truck driving families. There was no huge vision when I started, just a need and a passion to help others. And most importantly, a willingness and openness to share my own expereinces, mistakes, and weaknesses. Soon a gathering of women formed and supported each other–it was magic.

Here I stand 8-years after my work with and thinking it has been too long. Time to put my self out there and create again.

What has my path been these past 8 years? What do I want to create as I move forward? What can we share as we move ahead? These questions will help form the new blog. Come join me.

Liam with Mower at Shed


My Grandson turned Two! Here he is with a Bubble Mower and an old shed. I cannot believe how fast he can run with his mower. I cannot believe how fast he has grown. It might be that grandchildren grow-up faster than our children. I loved the colors of the mossy steps and his soft hair in this photo. The moment had me wondering his thoughts.


Mike suggested I try BW treatments of this photo–I like the affect here. I used Virtual Photographer from Optikverve and chose the BW-Bygone Era action and then tweaked it to filter in the red tones. The image becomes and instant classic shot. I like how we do not know how old the toy is now–the plastic colors of the mower are gone.

liamis2_withmoweratshedbwfBACKbLUR_4894 copy 2

With this treatment I loved the blur–it adds to the Flashback mood. I love how angelic it make’s Liam’s hair. He is soft. The stairs grainy, murky and the darkness of the shed more forboding. Here is what I imagine he was thinking when I intially took the photo.

Hiawatha–Sunday Morn with Bass

all rights reserved

This photo was submitted to the weekly challenge: In Shadow.

To view this image in color. To view this image large and in B/W.

Hiawatha–We All Come Around


Hiawatha–We All Come Around, to the music. I love this photo, taken candidly. Sometimes you zoom so far that you’re not certain what you’ve captured until you’re home and have transferred images off the SD card. Such is the case here. I used Dipstych and OptikVerve Virtual Photographer as well as Adobe Photoshop 7 to process the images.

Hiawatha–Festival in Pink




Hiawatha–Askew (is how I feel today)


I am very tired today! Slanted. Askew. I will be more rested tomorrow (I Hope).

Hiawatha Naptime


Daughter and Grandson on a walking nap in artist vendor territory. I went looking for them and came-up from behind a vendor booth and saw my beautiful daughter strolling with napping grandbaby. My grandson will turn two on Friday July 24, 2009. Two years ago my daughter went into labor while I was attending Hiawatha Music Festival–he was almost a Hiawatha baby. This little one so enjoyed the music and danced, danced, danced.

Hiawatha Music Festival it’s coming!

It’s summer and we are approaching the 3rd weekend of July. That can mean only one thing in Marquette, Michigan…Happy Hiawatha! The 31st Annual Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival happens at the Tourist Park 17-19th.

Above is one of the music workshops held at 2nd Stage last year. Pictured are Seth & May, and Mike Waite. I was sitting at their feet singing away and ran back to my camper not 200 feet away to grab my camera.

There will be food vendors and artisans like Beth Millner, a local silvesmith and Birchleaf Designs. Beth does wonderful work in copper and silver. I own several of her pieces. Birchleaf makes “whimsical wood and fabric playthings.”

(Pictures depict 2008 event and artists vary from year to year. Visit Hiawatha Music Co-op for more festival info).

Recent Publications–All Things Girl

Please drop by All Things Girl to see the July/August 2009 issue. In the Arts area you will see three of my photos: Blue Web, Empty Nest and Bike Path. My friend Trina is also published in this issue: Rainy Day and Triangle Shadows. n certainly need to support publications that work to promote the arts.

You Can Hear Them


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