Orange Float


On today’s agenda is the Carp River Gardens and fireworks in Neguanee. I am so far behind with sharing of photos and writing. I keep promising to do better–and I shall. I have signed up for the August Free Write Fling and I must gear up for Ludington Writers Conference in September. I also will be redoing my blog–website set-up and getting online sales of photos up and running in the next 3-6 months.

This shot was taken at the Marquette Community Gardens in the Park Cemetary, Marquette Michigan. Mike and I caught a few shots last night then dashed for the lake shore and storm shots over town and lake. I will process these soon. I took bracketed exposures and will try my first HDR images. All purely on accident–my camera just ended up in this mode most likely as I picked up the whole tripod and moved it to capture what was behind me and get past a railing that was in the way–So since the universe gave me this accidental camera mode setting of high, low and just right exposure. I think I ought to create with it.

Here is an image not played with yet. My Magic Man Mike!



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