Hiawatha Music Festival it’s coming!

It’s summer and we are approaching the 3rd weekend of July. That can mean only one thing in Marquette, Michigan…Happy Hiawatha! The 31st Annual Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival happens at the Tourist Park 17-19th.

Above is one of the music workshops held at 2nd Stage last year. Pictured are Seth & May, and Mike Waite. I was sitting at their feet singing away and ran back to my camper not 200 feet away to grab my camera.

There will be food vendors and artisans like Beth Millner, a local silvesmith and Birchleaf Designs. Beth does wonderful work in copper and silver. I own several of her pieces. Birchleaf makes “whimsical wood and fabric playthings.”

(Pictures depict 2008 event and artists vary from year to year. Visit Hiawatha Music Co-op for more festival info).


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  1. I am really drawn to the first two photos. I like the way you cropped the images to feel the intimacy of the scene. Lovely as always :)

  2. Thanks! Taking shots this year was challenging, torn between gazing at amazement of my grandson’s every moment and the camera and what I could capture. Most of the time I just loved on the grandson. Still, I have 1300 captures to review.

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