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Works in Progress–Fourth Bottle

I picked up three Jone’s Soda glass bottles from the beach. One Corona. A handful of bottle caps. Someone had marked out the corners of the beach volleyball field. I could not find the fourth bottle.

The July 5th walk from Picnic Rocks to McCarty’s Cove is scattered with ghosts. Grand sand-castles with stick embattlements. Stones. Mote.

This is my first beach walk since the snow melted and Mike walks with me. I skip thru the water, jog around my boyfriend. Weeks of muscle spasms, this is the best I have felt in a long while. I want to swim but don’t.

I want my first swim to be at Wetmore. Sliding off a granite dinosaur into the cool.

I’m making changes.



Works in Progress–It was who I used to be…

Tomorrow I will scramble eggs after a run on hemlock shaded trails. I will meditate on the image of a father and a young blond-haried son on the dock at Teal Lake. Fishing before 9a.m

I was driving to work, a Ziploc bag of honey-nut cheerios wishing for bananas and a day to read a book straight thru on a deck overlooking blue waters. It’s who I am in summer. Who I was. But now I work where I can.

My physical therapist says—you can do all you need to, right? And my anger rises at the lifestyles I have surrendered. I think of fingertips, a slow trail on water, and a slow crawl towards what’s next. How I am afraid to dare.

Massage practice closed now 4-years. Lost. Seeking harbors. That’s where I’ve been

I want to tell the physical therapist I most certainly cannot do all I need.

Words are an offering I write them on gum wrappers as a gift. Joy. Want. Hope. Art. Be. Zing. Drift.

Green ripples to gold and copper shining thru the ore dock of my photograph.

I feel the need to travel. (I wonder if Raphael will guide me.)

You know one of those long drives around the shore. Some great lake shore. Michigan highways. A curl of black-gray ribbon winding ahead into a mirage that never reflects. I approach and it is gone.

Orange Float


On today’s agenda is the Carp River Gardens and fireworks in Neguanee. I am so far behind with sharing of photos and writing. I keep promising to do better–and I shall. I have signed up for the August Free Write Fling and I must gear up for Ludington Writers Conference in September. I also will be redoing my blog–website set-up and getting online sales of photos up and running in the next 3-6 months.

This shot was taken at the Marquette Community Gardens in the Park Cemetary, Marquette Michigan. Mike and I caught a few shots last night then dashed for the lake shore and storm shots over town and lake. I will process these soon. I took bracketed exposures and will try my first HDR images. All purely on accident–my camera just ended up in this mode most likely as I picked up the whole tripod and moved it to capture what was behind me and get past a railing that was in the way–So since the universe gave me this accidental camera mode setting of high, low and just right exposure. I think I ought to create with it.

Here is an image not played with yet. My Magic Man Mike!


July 4, 2009–Mattsson Lower Harbor



Pink Peonies–We All Fall

FirstWeBow_1256 copy

WeAllFall_1261 copy

The muscle spasms continue and I manage to function, head to work, hold grandson, cope with headaches, and yes, create. I pray for balance in my neck, shoulders, life.

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