Overcome Colds and Embrace Memories


This weekend my pursuit of creative-life was slowed to the “near local.” After working a 40-hour week and upping my mileage as a runner I was set-back by a cold. I had to stay close–in my own backyard and with my own memories. Life in the slow lane includes hanging laundry in the rain, sometimes.

Here is my freewrite from Friday, August 7 2009:

Mom made dumplings, teddy bear bread, BBQ glazed chicken wings and chicken almond an oriental dish that I never duplicated. She ate liver and onions and made appetizers of chicken livers and bacon. Mom made bruschetta before we knew the name and it was trendy.

My mom was marigold and stained glass. She was a Michigan Morrel. Mom was dark green glass like heavy gallon jugs with dark red wine. She’d be the black sharp metal cap you’d cut your finger on.

Mom was the heavy bath tub floated down the beach and tugged to the garden. She was summer beach towels hung over the deck and sand being swept-out. Mom was beach glass and Petoskey. Eggs cooked on a Coleman stove. Dishwater tossed onto the sand.


About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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  1. I am sorry to hear that you are sick. I think it’s just plain wrong that summer colds even exist. But I like your path to health via spicy food!
    Love the photo, too. Mmmmmmm….fresh clothes!

  2. so love this portrait!

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