Memoir Writings–incomplete paragraphs…

Grasshoppers on the trail scatter and as I run and my memory flashes back to Cathead Bay the joy of running thru the dunes on our road of clay and gravel, sun baking hot and the promise of Lake Michigan sparkling. I must have been eleven, still free.

There are church steeples all through these old Upper Peninsula towns. Faithful, inviting, proud. I spend my work days caring for others and during their rest times I get to reflect on faith, hope, and the strength we can find in skylines they never see. Steeples in a haze filled sky, like today…

Running in the rain on Thursday, not knowing how far I’ve gone…I pass the pale pink sweet pea growing in a jumble like my thoughts and I’m bound to run until I’m more clear if my knees hold up.


About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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