3/21 Promises & Photographs


“Mike Reviews” was submitted for this week’s PhotoFriday.com Challenge. The theme this week, The Face.  I chose the photo of Mike as my promise this morning ’cause this is the man that makes it all better for me. He is the one I wake to and come home to. In this photo Mike is reviewing digi-captures at Blues Fest 2009. This is a wise face, and the man gives great counsel, always encouraging my growth as a person and artist. I have promised to love him forever (sounds cheesy, eh? but it is true).

Oh, so the 21-Day Promise fits a couple ways here. First I did something that furthers my art by submitting to the weekly contest. Two I have woke this man and shared my love with him now for 5 years. Mike and I call our anniversary July 4, as I fell in love with him in 2004 during festivities. Mike and I are readying for another one of our hike to you drop fall trips–packing camera gear–choosing our adventures–I am fully aware of this connection he and I have and our and commitment to love, to grow, and it is a lovely promise..


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