5/21 Man-O-Man Get Me Outta Metro-Marquette Baby!

Mike started noticing it this summer, smog in Marquette. The traffic at rush hour coming home from Negaunee and Ishpeming toward Marquette, not so bad. The traffic leaving Marquette, Holy Wah!

This morning my neighborhood was loud–including a gun-shot type sound of a large CRACK! That made me cry-out in my sleep and jump sideways on the bed toward Mike. Ugh! I had a headache, though, long before that loud crack.

I spent my morning on a social networking site talking about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Headaches and Neck Pain. Yes, I am using capital letters on those words ’cause they are major entities in my life, affecting my performance, both physical and cognitive.

How, when waking to pain and a sense of overwhelm do you claim your day for you? Today I vented. I heated up a neck cozy, rubbed arnica, peppermint and lavender oils into my neck, shoulders and even scalp, I tried to breathe deeply and let at least some of the strain pass.

I was angry, wanting to go play, take photos, get shtuff done but knowing the headache and pain may make this into less of a possibility. That’s when Mike shared his plans for the day. He needs to take things out to camp, which is becoming a winter storage unit of sorts, and then he needs to go to store. I am riding along. I can close my eyes. Not drive, which believe me when my headaches are bad I should not be behind a steering-wheel. I can perhaps snap (photos) some “migraine-art.”  I will get my store errands done too!

This morning, taking ownership of the day meant meeting my physical body where it was and finding how to work hope back into the day. Mike helped. It’s a great day to be alive!


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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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