Under Tall Hardwood Forests We Find Strength

Thoughts on Wednesday Night

hardwoodforest_tall_1098As I run thru the forest I comment that I am not my injury anymore, and I explain to Olivia who is running with me what meaning I put behind those words.

I used to be all about my wounds. But after loosing 45+ pounds and becoming a runner I am not about my injury. That victim-sense has lifted. Small successes have built upon each other and my foundation feels strong.

Yet, in the same thought I can admit that my arm/neck/shoulder have a disability that challenges my activities. I can accept those limitations and realize that for nearly 7 years I’ve coped, changed, and adapted. I can learn modalities and address the pain and discomfort. And you know what, I can still get upset at a migraine or spasm without it crushing me.

And I did, let that injury crush me. I was afraid. The physical pain coming so soon after a divorce, the worst emotional pain of my life was too much and it brought me to ruin.

But I am finding myself in the midst of challenge(s) and being in a safe relationship allows me to rediscover.

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  1. Thanks for writing this, Kim. I am trying my best not to be my injury.

  2. Oh yesterday I was my injury I was a gaping wound and oozing everywhere. The confidence comes and goes. Yesterday I iced and could not find relief from pain. Today I run a 9K. Craziness. I thank God for my strong legs. I try to remember I am not alone. My upper body injury is something I can learn from. But, I get angry, and break down often. What is your injury? You can feel free to answer me privately or not at all. I don’t want to be pushy.

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