…an Inspiration to Change


It was December 3rd, 2008 when I came across a flock of pigeons hanging out on the electrical wires and fire-escape behind a brick building in downtown Marquette. The phrase I will not be a fat pigeon in winter popped into my head. I did not know then why I detested those poor cold pigeons who were huddling together for warmth and puffing up their feathers.

I was tired of hating winter, and wanting to be active. But being active meant squeezing into clothing that did not fit, trying to bend over my fat belly to lace up boots, and it meant getting assistance to clip-into snowshoes or skies. It was humiliating. I rather stay in and stick close to warmth and my food source. I did not even want to grocery shop when it was cold outside.

Funny thing is I considered myself active. I also made lots of excuses for my weight blaming a slow metabolism. heavy weight-gain during pregnancies 2 decade prior, but certainly I was active.

Slanted and skewed beliefs. I wanted and active life–but I needed to build one.

Last year the week before Thanksgiving i started watching my food intake a lot closer. I was picking up speed after those pigeons. Then I joined the YMCA in late January. I had already down-sized from an 1x jacket to a Large by my birthday on the 18th of January 2009. I celebrated by going snow-tubing and snow-shoeing.

Today I am writing an article for Health and Happiness Magazine, a local Marquette publication. The piece is called “I Lost 45 @ 45!” I went and re-visited the pigeons last week. I am pleased that I do not need help to put on boots, or snowshoes and that I am quickly fading out of a size medium winter coat. I have almost lost 50 pounds now. And today my trail-run was a 10K!

Those pigeons were sure an odd inspiration to change. And the phrase became a mantra over the past year. To hear more on this topic visit the Holistic Health Fair at Upfront & Company November 7th, 2009.

Each of these photos are available in a very unique 5×15 size–email for details on purchasing price.



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