Halloween and the Closest I get to Pausing


It is October 31st and Halloween is often the closest I get to pausing. I even slept 10 hours last night. Instead of running down trails, I cleaned the studio. I am moving into hibernation mode. Preparing for NaNoWriMO. Cleaning the studio. Gathering acorns…or art supplies.


But really the one thing on my mind that took priority over all, was seeing this little Grand Baby Boy on Halloween! This is Liam my two-year-old Grandson. I do not see him enough. I am not the grandmother I planned to be. But I am determined to be more involved. To know more of his world.


My mind is quiet when I am with Liam. I focus only on him. Oh and a bit on my daughter–Ceiri’s interactions with Liam are amazing. She is a wonderful Mommie!

Halloween_insearchofhoney_1684 When I visit I feel so blessed and I am in awe and wonder. Even listening to Liam blow full force into a recorder playing only high notes! Even a Liam who is stuck on the word–NO. I am in a gentle time of life where I can let things be, observe and learn just by watching.

When I was a young mommie I had three toddlers under four years of age. I was in constant motion. I was young, impatient. And life seemd hard. I was not the mommie I wanted to be.

I can do better, now.

As Grandma Kim.


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  1. Dear Kim,
    That must be such a joy to be around your grandon and watch him be.
    He looks like he is having fun in his costume!
    Happy November Art Every Day. :)

  2. Lovely post. Time to *just be* is what we all need :-)

  3. Ana, My grandson is very much into pretending. He was searching for honey! I am not sure how much time I will have to just be in the month of November. Grin. I have a full-plate and I don’t mean yams and stuffing! ;-)

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