11/4 Art Every Day Month–Lean on Me


Winter preparations continue today in Marquette. No snow remains on the ground and it was a lovely day on Presque Isle. I was procrastinating and getting a clearer mental focus. Fresh air and exercise will do that. I am taken in by tables, park benches, and seating. I know soon enough snow will keep us from the joy of sitting and watching runners, bikers, and rollerbladers. A tinge of melancholy yesterday and today had me in an awful funk. Sometimes change comes at you so fast it is hard to adjust yourself. Last night I ended up under the covers, crying. I managed to slow the world down just enough last night to make myself even more upset. But today’s procrastination was more positive a 55 minute run and a walk-about with camera afterward. Not what I was suppose to be doing–but it was doing!



About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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  1. I like these photos. There is a pleasing solitude to them. Sometimes we have to remove ourselves from daily life to catch our breathes and refresh before being able to deal with life. Some people do call that procrastination. And that is OK. Be well. http://www.sandycoleman.wordpress.com

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