11/8 AEDM–Radom Bits from NaNo Writes

1. I am scared of lemons today. I am scared that all I have to sell are .05 cent paper Dixie cups of pucker. I am afraid that the cups will be squished and thrown into the street. I am afraid I will be left in the spray from a mud puddle on the side of the rode and no one will see my sadness. Why won’t they see my sadness?


2. I want to be a person who can sing a full song. Not some random phrase, worded wrong to a tune once sung by my mother. Like, “Oh yes! We have no bananas we have no bananas today.” ( Louis Prima)


3. Garlic it’s what for dinner. I love the tight little bulbs from Seeds and Spores that had pink and purple tinges to the papery wrappers. I love garlic minced, chopped, sliced and roasted. I love the power of garlic and the smell lingering on my hands the next day. I love a remedy of garlic soaked in honey.

Garlic makes a bad pan not so bad. Garlic seasons the bad pan. Garlic loves the bad pan. But it likes it’s friend olive oil to come along for the cooking.


4. Yesterday I ran past grey squirrels on the trail. They are super-fat with big proud bushy tails. They are so quick they will scare you.

I run with headphones on—not up too loud but just enough where I can get startled from time to time. Like when I see trolls.

They look like trolls—tree stumps—sometimes. Does this troll-man with the wizened bark and rotting face come to me as friend or foe. I laugh at myself and run on.

Be careful who you share your troll stories with as people will think you are pushing too hard. They will think you’ve lost it. Or at the very least that you are not taking in enough food to sustain your sanity.

But I believe I did see a troll even if at second glance the troll becomes a stump or rotting log with moss and ferns. I am positive that I am running past all kinds of magical happenings when I trail run.


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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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