11/28 AEDM–Lacking a Certain Spark




Somedays we are lacking a certain spark. Turkey and Pie overdoses. Black Friday Shopping Hangovers. A shift on a Saturday. You gotta look hard for what turns you on. What turns your crank. What lights a fire in your soul. Only then can balance be sought. Today, I thought of the many things I drive past and never stop. I thought about them before even leaving the house. Lucky, me. On M-35 in Negaunee Township the moment was right on the way home from work to pull over and visit this old tractor.



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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

Posted on November 28, 2009, in Abundance, Creative Inspirations and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. It’s true, some days the spark is so quiet it’s hard to see. good for you for stopping to look!! gorgeous pics.

  2. Kim you are so creative! From the very first time I checked out your blog I have been drawn to return to it over and over because of your photos. Love your creativity!

  3. Thanks! You are a sweetie! How’s Biz?

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