An Inspiration to Change

As I reflect on this passing year I find myself coming back to these questions posted in the right-hand margin of the blog.

  • What are you creating?
  • Most exciting is the change that comes with weight loss and changing to a fit lifestyle. I am creating greater self-esteem and raising awareness of others. Change is a strong possibility with goal-setting and determination. This is creating new directions in both personal and professional ways. I have started the new blog Http://

  • What changes are you moving thru?
  • I’m moving thru a new health challenge that is yet undiagnosed. Possible gall bladder and intestinal pain that seems to be managed by not eating wheat, dairy, meat, and refined sugars. This is causing me to slow down and learn tenderness and to focus on where I have become bitter and hardened.

    I’m moving thru a period where greater focus on my earnings and finances is needed. Greater focus on paying down debt is needed. But more importantly living truer and not letting the moments take over my focus. I was too easily swayed by “wants” often losing focus of the long-term. Now the challenge comes to redefine the financial goals and remember the practicalities.

  • What successes are you enjoying?
  • I’m enjoying the energy and fitness that came with the journey of losing over 50 pounds in one year. I am pleased with the confidence I have gained and my faith in accomplishing tough goals and tenacity to move through adversity.

  • What change do you desire?
  • I want to write a book, an ebook, further develop the web-presence and develop online sales of my photos. I want to build community with other women, writers, and artists. I want deeper connection to family. I want to increase my earnings as an artist. Freedom to schedule my days as I please and more movement in my outdoor daily life. If working a day job find one I can make a good earning at and still walk/bike to work.


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