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Winter Shores

Photo: Kim Nixon
Superior Shores, Presque Isle, Marquette MI
Post-Processed: LR, PSE with VP Actions (Ambiant)

How do you approach the shore? As a child I approached two different ways. If in the presence of others, cousins, summer friends, aunts and uncles, parents or grandparents, I rushed in. Running full-steam all knees and elbows and a splash was soon to follow. When alone, I was a whisper, trying to not move the tiny grains of sand. Walking lighter than a feather. Attempting to leave no trace of myself, not even a shadow. I was magic and no one knew but the shore.

Creative Every Day–Rain in January

I woke to rain this morning and blue jays, a bright spot of blue on dirty snow. As disturbed as I was with rain in January it inspired my article for the Spring Issue of Health & Happiness Magazine.

One of the questions I have been posing to people is, “What changes are you moving through?”

I am facing a new challenge with my health and a recent diagnosis of being Gluten Intolerant. So much time has gone into reading about this and how to start eliminating wheat and gluten from my life. Then I am also facing the next tests and procedures as we try to figure out if I have Celiac Disease.

This has all put a serious dent in my creative time and the obligations on my to-do list. I am at a new point of finding balance. Cooking can now take extra-time. Planning for my health care needs. Taking on more hours at the day-job to pay the new expenses. How do I fit in work-outs when feeling ill?

I could say I was blessed with this rainy day. But I want sun. I want to forget all responsibilities and run trails like I did this summer. I felt lean and strong.

Yesterday I attended a vision boarding session with Roslyn McGrath at The Joy Center. I loved the result. My Vision board was 3-D and jiggly.

The box featured springy pipe-cleaners and driftwood, treasures, and aims. I felt so hopeful and on my drive home the box danced down the road with me. Today, I am focussing on the bargains we make with ourselves. The constant re-shuffling of must-dos and have-to-dos. I know during this healing phase I must play and not stress-out.

How do you address Healing? Please share.

Wish Upon a Star!

Starshine–Reaching for the Sky
Sculpture: Tom Lakenenland
Photographer: Kim Nixon

I visited a local sculpture park, Lakenenland, this past weekend and took many abstracted sections of the full sculpture. This one had me looking toward blue skies with smiles. We were out celebrating my birthday and my grandson came along. I already had my birthday wish at that point–a day with my daughter and grandson, precious.

But the photo, that got me thinking of wishes. World Peace. Healing for Haiti. Understanding across borders. What is your wish? Please post as comment.

Surrender with Sweetness

January has me embracing change and releasing the ego. I was going to set out on this new decade a warrior ready to race and push my body to extremes. I set goals. Cleared weekends to train. Then my body, (50 pounds lighter than the past decade) said STOP. You must rest. And I am learning to listen to the body. At, first I wanted to react with fear, and as a victim. But I remember the feeling of freedom as I hiked and ran on trails this summer and promised my body I would get back to that.

Yesterday, with the theme of Body, I headed out on a gentle camera walk around Marquette, Michigan with camera. I kept facing disappointment as the images were not coming. My body was tired. My mind was tired. I was heading back to the car when I saw her in a window. She was surrendering with joy to the street to the snow to her life. A poster in a window. Reflections. Color. I found HER! And she spoke to me as a sign of hope. That I, too, can surrender with sweetness and find some rest in January.

I know I can eat a bit less. I can eat clean. I can still walk. And my PT says I can even swim with just my arms (breast stroke) using a pull-bouy between my legs. I can use arm bike’s. I can continue this path and it is all useful knowledge that I can share with others facing injury.

Due to the nature of this post I am cross-posting to both Create with Kim and Running Marquette.

More Color in Winter

Photo Credit: Kim Nixon

The past few days I have been outside exercising and searching for color. The photo is from Saturday and the day was blue sky, and white snow. Mike and I went to Al Quaal, in Ishpeming, for a snowshoe hike. As we finished the hike, in the late afternoon, I came across this collage of sleds in shadow and light.

Earlier that day I had gone to Saint Vincent’s to look for long-sleeved shirts. Having lost 50 pounds in a year left me scrambling for winter clothing. I found a turquoise long-underwear top, a golden-yellow shirt with a brown tiger on it that said “Chocolate Tiger Club” and a faded red corduroy shirt with ruffles by J. Jill. I even found a pair of dusty blue corduroy pants from Old Navy.

Saturday was full of color. It woke up my senses and lightened my soul. I’m focusing on the sweetness in my life. And making room for breath, stretching, and creativity. In the coming weeks I will be focusing my art on “body” and “motion.”

2010 Evolutions

2010 Evolutions

Each year, I choose how I am going to evolve rather than make resolutions. I was working on grand plans for 2010 and got bogged down. On the second day of January, I attended Mukta Yoga and special class for the New Year. Under the gentle guidance of Lisa McKenzie and Melissa Middleton, I dedicated my practice to awareness. During savasana and meditation I was able to form the essence of my goals. I felt lighter and I was able to let go of fear that I was holding. A muscle spasm which had been affecting my health for a month, let go.


  • Clear Conscious Decisions
  • Embracing Sweetness (Releasing Bitterness)
  • Connection to Others and Source

I have some grand aims to: spend more time with family and develop more traditions, continue my path of physical fitness and run many races, develop online sales and write books. But it is January and driving my life forward like a serious race is just too fast for the snowy-hibernating-mentality that settles in with Upper Peninsula winters. I need to be gentle, overcome the injury I’m currently nurturing, and seek the sweetness. Namaste!

Publication Announcement: All Things Girl, Through the Looking Glass

I am pleased to announce the new issue of All Things Girl for Jan/Feb 2010! I have two photos that made the issue Tyoga and Teal Mornings. I have been proud to have my work frequently chosen at All Things Girl and want to let you all know I have come onboard as one of the Art’s Editors. The first issue I am in charge of is the March/April issue with the theme, On Being a Girl. I invite you all to submit work via the Flickr Group for All Things Girl.

Color in Winter

Winter normally leaves me longing for color. It’s early winter here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and winter can last into April with cold arctic blasts the norm thru January and February. Today I spotted green on the cross country trails at the Blueberry Ridge Pathway (for more on this outing visit Running Marquette).

Then I spotted this vacant duplex out on Presque Isle today. The color of the bark was warm and inviting and quite a contrast to the biting windchill temps. Mike and I were shooting the waves of Lake Superior which I will end up posting over at A Winter Journal. I plan to continue to seek out color all winter. I also promise to learn filters, and actions, to bring unique takes on art in winter.

Marquette, A Tinsel Town

I don’t mean that we are a tinsel town in a bad way! Our town knows when and how to party. But some of us choose to stay in, too–that’s what Mike and I did this year. We chose to rent movies, hunker down under afghans and turn on heating pads. It was blustery and cold. And our cameras don’t do to well in the dark, anyway. I took these photos on January 2, 2010 after a yoga session up the street. But if you look at our ball–it does look like we need a new designer.

Creative Every Day 2010!


I’m gonna do it! Creative Every Day in 2010! I have taken part in Art Every Day Month for two years in a row–but this is a LEAP into 2010 and I am so excited about the possibilities. Today’s creative adventures started with cleaning and shedding of belongings. I cleaned out a dresser in Mike’s old boy’s room and the dresser was picked up by Michael the Younger. This creates space for both Mike’s studio and my own. Mike the Younger also took the love seat that I’ve  been sitting up-ended in the middle of my studio. A little re-arranging and I have yoga space in the studio. Now I am working on piles and tonight will clip magazines for future collages.

At Flickr I have created a folder for my Art Every Day work (nothing there, yet) and you can visit my Art Every Day Month folder if you wish to review my results for November 2009.

The theme for the month of January is “Body” so perfect for a woman who lost over 50 pounds in a year. I look forward to how I interpret this theme. Plus I’ve set a goal to learn more in Adobe Photoshop–to work with layers, actions, and more.

I am also bringing some creative energy to my “Day Job” and bought a new organizer and plan to get one top of paperwork efficiently. Less stress in the day job leaves more time for creativity and to train for the races I will run this year.

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