More Color in Winter

Photo Credit: Kim Nixon

The past few days I have been outside exercising and searching for color. The photo is from Saturday and the day was blue sky, and white snow. Mike and I went to Al Quaal, in Ishpeming, for a snowshoe hike. As we finished the hike, in the late afternoon, I came across this collage of sleds in shadow and light.

Earlier that day I had gone to Saint Vincent’s to look for long-sleeved shirts. Having lost 50 pounds in a year left me scrambling for winter clothing. I found a turquoise long-underwear top, a golden-yellow shirt with a brown tiger on it that said “Chocolate Tiger Club” and a faded red corduroy shirt with ruffles by J. Jill. I even found a pair of dusty blue corduroy pants from Old Navy.

Saturday was full of color. It woke up my senses and lightened my soul. I’m focusing on the sweetness in my life. And making room for breath, stretching, and creativity. In the coming weeks I will be focusing my art on “body” and “motion.”


About kimnixon

Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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