Creative Every Day–Rain in January

I woke to rain this morning and blue jays, a bright spot of blue on dirty snow. As disturbed as I was with rain in January it inspired my article for the Spring Issue of Health & Happiness Magazine.

One of the questions I have been posing to people is, “What changes are you moving through?”

I am facing a new challenge with my health and a recent diagnosis of being Gluten Intolerant. So much time has gone into reading about this and how to start eliminating wheat and gluten from my life. Then I am also facing the next tests and procedures as we try to figure out if I have Celiac Disease.

This has all put a serious dent in my creative time and the obligations on my to-do list. I am at a new point of finding balance. Cooking can now take extra-time. Planning for my health care needs. Taking on more hours at the day-job to pay the new expenses. How do I fit in work-outs when feeling ill?

I could say I was blessed with this rainy day. But I want sun. I want to forget all responsibilities and run trails like I did this summer. I felt lean and strong.

Yesterday I attended a vision boarding session with Roslyn McGrath at The Joy Center. I loved the result. My Vision board was 3-D and jiggly.

The box featured springy pipe-cleaners and driftwood, treasures, and aims. I felt so hopeful and on my drive home the box danced down the road with me. Today, I am focussing on the bargains we make with ourselves. The constant re-shuffling of must-dos and have-to-dos. I know during this healing phase I must play and not stress-out.

How do you address Healing? Please share.


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  1. LOVE that top photo! And your vision box is so cool! You are wildly creative and it’s fun to watch!

  2. Thank You! Back at Ya :-) You set an excellent example.

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