A February Itch…

It happens every winter, I get bored in February. Sometimes I am injured, or ill, or just down right bored with winter. This year I might not have been so bored with winter but an injury has side-lined me from the winter pursuits in the great white out-of-doors. And when side-lined and resting I turn to fantasy, poetry, good books and movies. But most often I dream of hot sand under feet, the sound of waves. and the memory of sun on bare skin, a brown tan, and the promise of summer joy.

I am reading The Secret Lives of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, a book borrowed from the lending library at The Joy Center in Ishpeming. I had attended a vision boarding workshop just last month and the book caught my eye. I love the rhythm and the language and the character of Lily.

“Every time I refused to wipe away the wetness. It made the world seem so alive to me. I couldn’t help but envy the way a good storm got everyone’s attention.”

These words spoken by Lily as she stands in the rain, remind me of the electricity we feel during a storm.  Ionization of air. The smell rising from the ground. Slap of thunder.

I get tired of cold feet and hands in February. Two pairs of socks and the wish to wear gloves with the finger-tips cut off while typing for long sessions. I need to pull all the blinds up high and draw back curtains but the cold creeps past moldings and winds up from the floor and around my soul. Tugging, the seasonal depression creeps in and I crawl under three comforters and dream of waking to lilac.

This past weekend  finally watched Julie and Julia and quite frankly it only reminded me how far behind I am on my dreams, or should I say the dreaming is not the problem it is the productivity!

I think the movie may have driven me further under the covers.

I get distracted easily with Twitter @kimnixon and with other social media. I scatter myself across numerous blogs, and I let deadlines pass without submitting my photos. I am imperfect. True.

But then there is the 78-year-old man in the movie Up who ties balloons to his house to follow a dream. Blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, tied to long strings, filled with helium. A good strong updraft and we are up and over the mountains baby!!

Take me there. NO. Wait. Mountains are generally cold.

How do you maintain warmth? How do you get to June? How do you get to your next fishing trip? Please share.


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  1. Just the planning and reading for the next trip keeps me going through the winter. We are doing a Spring Break trip to Florida (very low budget–camping in the Everglades), so I have been planning the camping and what we will see and do. Planning ahead to camping in the UP next summer and counting down the days until I make the campground reservations. Just envisioning Lake Superior from Pictured Rocks makes me warm inside. It’s hard too, because I just can’t wait to be there again, but…

  2. …but? Summer is so long to wait? Cindi I hope we can meet each other during summer 2010. I promise I am not an axe murderer :-) Have fun in the everglades!! Hope to see pics.

  3. LOL! Yes, summer is a long time to wait. Yes, we definitely can get together. That is, unless my husband takes a job in New Hampshire and we cannot get up there at all. He just mentioned it to me yesterday and I immediately checked google maps and reported to him that Munising is 22 hours from Dover, New Hampshire. A problem, I told him!

  4. I totally had the “itch” this February. Snowshoeing was not enough. I am glad to be hiking and running in the forests and on the trails here in the NW LP!

    Just came over to your blog from Stand For the Land. I like this blog! Will stop by and read your posts! Cheers! :)

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