Morning Rituals

Thursdays are just HARD! My rituals fail on Thursday. My organization has fallen away. My fave outfits are dirty. I start off the week strong and fizzle into exhaustion by Thursday. On Thursday (or sometimes even on Wednesdays) my body is really craving, broccoli, a long run, and a 9-hour nite-long sleep.

Believe ~ Breathe ~ Beauty

I think on Thursdays (or even on Wednesdays), if I start with these three words I might be able to find a bit of balance.

Believe–A tiny necklace that arrived as a gift in my mail box. A tiny silver charm that reminds me in the possibilities of abundance even when you least expect it. Believe is my theme word for 2010. It brings me back into the right-framed mind–the creative side.

Breathe–what one thing do I need right now. Stop all the racing thoughts. Breathe. The answer usually comes as a one-word-reply. Wednesday it was FOOD! Yuppers it came to me in capital letters and loud. I popped 2 Gluten, Egg, Dairy-Free Van’s Waffles into my shiny red-toaster and smeared them with fresh ground almond butter and added a sprinkle of raisins.

Beauty–It does not take too terribly long to pop the SD memory-card out of your USB port on the puter and back into the camera step out the door and take a single photo. I did so, yesterday. The photo is of Mike’s Icehenge :-) He cleared snow off the pop-up camper and underneath were sheets of ice. He has been taking photos at night with external flashes.

But is this ritual? Do I do this daily? Can I even begin to commit?

What I was most drawn to was: Devotion, Hydration, and Nutrition.

Devotion–Each morning I would like to wake and choose an intention for the day.

Hydration–8 ounces of water before coffee everyday. I can do this, right?

Nutrition–Food is feeling like a struggle with my new lifestyle “Gluten Intolerant” and therefore also egg and dairy intolerant (at least for the time being). Old faves for breakfast are gone. Perhaps this weekend I can plan 5-days of different breakfasts that might start me off with the added nutrition I need during this healing time.

I think we will do a Monday-Friday posting next week of my Morning Rituals.


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  1. Amazing light and shapes in this image Kim. So interesting. Are those blocks of ice?

  2. Yes. They are blocks of ice off the top of the pop-up camper that Mike propped in the snow. They are fun, but melting.

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