Working with Metaphors

Getting in touch with my happy buddha, my hibernating bear, and my queen bee. Perhaps throwing in a touch of spider to weave more dream-webs and spin some tales. Yesterday, I spent the day sleeping sometimes acting like a hibernating bear helps you to forget the back pain. The snow blanketed the house and I finished reading “The Secret Lives of Bees” by Sue Monk Kid.

I have been awarded two weeks off work, although I may pick-up some administrative tasks and do some sub-teaching the next couple of days I will be spinning tales and hanging them in windows to catch dreams and move me out of my February Funk.

A friend gave me a hug in passing and asked if I had worked with metaphor at all. I am not sure I understand but what she was suggesting but it got me thinking of the imagery and animals coming to me recently. Sleeping like a hibernating bear and dreaming, tiny spiders on the walls, The bees (of the book I just finished) humming new songs. And then the fact that lots of this change is culminating on the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger.

I feel a turning point.

I have some time, now to get past pain, and work with the stories unfolding in my heart.

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  1. ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ is one of the best books I read last year. While reading it I felt a shift in my life in new more creative direction. It’s interesting how words can do that to me. Thanks Kim :)

  2. The book reminded me of Faulkner in a way. Less dark and more hopeful in Kidd’s novel. But still that slow Southern feeling and a blessing of language. I love the different way of viewing life that August shares with Lily thru storytelling. The book has helped me profoundly. Just today I found myself telling one of my stories and I stopped in my tracks as I realized I had fallen into reporting a sequence of events without procesing meanings and what I truly wanted to say. I was talking about roadblocks rather than how I moved past those roadblocks. The events of the last couple months are tuning me into my deeper self.

  3. I love your Buddha!

  4. Me too :-) he makes me smile. He does not seem to complain about the weather either.

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