Winter Greys or Grace?

My back decided to go out on Saturday at work while wiping milk on the floor. It was one more layer of injury, stress, and I spent the weekend on ice and heat, too locked up to walk across a room. Monday I woke to go to the work clinic and after struggling down into the car (if you’ve ever had a bad back you know what struggle I am talking about) the car would not turn over. I called Mike, got the spare car key and promptly got stuck in deep snow at the end of the driveway. I barely made the appointment and was told re-evaluation in two weeks and no work.

Today is Wednesday and I have had two chiro visits and one physical therapy session. I can move for short periods of time. I am feeling blessed. I took 6 photos. Smiled. And for the heck of it tried to turn my car over, and with arguments, it did. I hope the HEET runs through well enough to make it feel better. I guess we both needed TLC.

Tomorrow, I am doing some office work at a group home–not my position but hopefully it will offer a bit of income. And I have picked up 3 sub-teaching days late next week. My goal is to start on the Etsy Store, pronto.

So am I in the Winter Greys? Or am I Graced? Resilient. Hopeful. And concentrating on Balance, Beauty and Breathe! I guess in spite of it all I am graced. Things could be worse and I am grateful for today.


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  1. Gorgeous photos. Glad you were feeling well enough to get out and take them.

  2. How are you feeling? Better, I hope! Sorry I never responded…things have been super crazy…barely had time to BREATHE! I figured out the photos tonight. I’m hoping that Sam will build me a site soon…mine is so not pretty. Let me know when you are able to be a little more active again!

  3. I’m feeling better each day. The back pain is loosing up and hope to be back to my work-outs soon. It’s been a ahrd winter. I am still not clear on my results from the biopsies and need to call Stahl back. He had not notated on the results last time I called. I am glad you got the pics figured out. I will let you know when I am active again. I think I am going to need so encouragement. I’ve been feeling pretty down.

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