Revel in Color


Like the green moss on the forest floor I feel I am coming alive in spring. It has been a hard winter of injury and illness. I made room in my life for physical therapy, and doctors appointments, blood tests, and changing my kitchen to accommodate multiple food allergies. These actions, necessary. But they seriously shook up my life and interrupted what makes me, well, ME.

Part of my explorations back to self included a hike at Harlow Lake with Mike this past weekend. I noticed that I am starting to feel stronger. Not the physical fit of last summer. But a healing is occurring. That “Healing Girl” is walking with confidence that I can face down the most difficult change and still find fun, colorful play.


These photos were taken on a large outcrop of rock near the water’s edge. Some one had painted metallic graffiti on the natural rock. In the past I would be aghast, disgusted. This time I saw it as an opportunity to revel in color.

Part of what kept me going over winter was this search for the unexpected color. Winter was not black and white, gray, or dirty white. There was luminous hope even in the void. The light is around us, within us. Tapping into that awareness helps the healing cycle.


I would love for you to share your healing stories. How has awareness of color, light, and hope brought you thru the winter? Guest columns are welcomed here. Please consider sharing your art, story, song.


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  1. I have been thinking about this a lot since you wrote this post. For the first time this year, I was just a tiny bit resentful of Spring. REALLY?? Can that be? Well, I think it had to do somewhat with a mild winter and the fact that I was out walking all winter, with the trail almost entirely to myself. I knew that I had to be outside as much as possible in order to survive winter. There were still dark spots, but truly the best winter I had spent. Before winter arrived I was feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t have snow shoes or XCountry skis. Then, I learned that I could live simply and still enjoy outdoors.

    Now as Spring unfolds, I’m accepting of the change and more people out and about. I’m looking forward to the things we will see and do as the warmth returns, making plans. I’d have to say that one of the most exciting thing that moves me through the seasons is just being in nature and making plans to be in nature. I’m seeking the places where crowds will be minimal because open nature without tons of people is what feeds my soul more than anything else.

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