21.5.800–Day One


I am taking part in a commitment to writing and yoga you can read more about it here 21.5.800. 21 days of writing 800 words a day and doing yoga 5 days a week. I have added to the comitment: 21 days of entering my studio. Some days my unedited entries will appear in full. Other days I may focus on Yoga. I work a weird shift so no predicting when I will post. But I hope you will help encourage me, join me, follow me as I create change in my life. 

Day One


I totally spaced a staff meeting while working on clearing clutter from my studio upstairs. I made good progress and came across things that were easily pitched or placed in a bag for donation. I am not sure where I am headed with the space. It is filled with books, art supplies, and my massage table. It has rocks, gems, crystals, and meridian charts from Traditional Chinese medicine. It has books on yoga, yoga mat, blocks and more! The sunlight streams in the window and skylight and a large begonia thrives despite my forgetfulness to water it.

I want to make it a habit to get up and get up. To wake up and climb the stairs to the world of creating.

I want to get out the gunk and start healing.

I want to get on the yoga mat and back on my path.

Tomorrow the 10-minute plan will be to water plants, groom plants, and vacuum up some of the dust. Then we may see about tackling one pile of paper.

Today’s 10-minutes turned into almost an hour. I discarded one full brown paper grocery bag of stuff. Loaded one grocery bag full of mags for Saint Vincent DePaul’s. And placed things back into drawers and into the closet.

I came across old intuitive drawings done in crayon and ink. Finger paints done in the basement of the Peter White library during the winter of 2005? I think it was ’05.

I’ve lacked follow thru with some many creative paths. I get an idea, get close to ready and back the hell off. Fear. Lack of self-confidence. But I am more me. As they said in the movie Alice in Wonderland, I had lost my muchiness. But I am MUCHER now and gaining MUCH-NESS daily!

I can easily see myself offering massage and energetic healings before the end of summer. I had committed last month to doing it that week. But I guess I was too ambitious to think I could attack the clutter that quickly.

I do have a full-time job. It is in a new location—different position (kind-of) and for the same company different boss. Like I said I blew off an employee meeting and I just got off the phone with apologies.

I am drinking my coffee listening to birds, starlings, robins, jays, wrens, and crows. The yard and neighborhood are alive with birds—but not parakeets like in Joe’s yard downstate.

The birds like the tall dead branch in the apple tree above the pond and waterfall.

I have yet to finish the garden but I committed to 21.5.800 21 days of writing 800 words a day and doing yoga 5 days a week. And today is day one. I have added to this. 21 days of entering my studio. 21 days of readying the studio. 21 days of action toward a better more full creative life.

I like the number 21.

It is accessible.

Not like 30 or 31! Imposing.

Just 3 weeks, 7 days.


I have a thing against most numbers.

I am haunted by gluten in dreams. Someone hands me a drink. I take a sip and it is a beverage that can kill me. Gluten. HFCS. Soy. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and other intolerances this year. I am learning to adapt.

I am adaptable.

I am creative, talkative, annoying to some.  I am hopeful. Healing. I am athletic.

Can ya tell this is extreme stream of consciousness and I am thinking of placing it on my blog—gods forbid! Yikes!

I want to run a ½ marathon. But I am still working on 5Ks as I am healing.

I am winning at this game called life and I am thrilled to be alive.

I saw people in cars while riding my bike. Yesterday. Some were oblivious to me and a danger. Others recognized me, paused and proceeded with caution. Others knew me and smiled. I was seen around town. I biked 6 miles on my midnight blue bike.

I came in seventh in the 5K this weekend I was the third woman in. I won a necklace. I can pick it up tomorrow at Lakeview arena. I may ride my bike. Maybe in the rain. I need a helmet.

After my 800 words, I will do yoga. I will cook lunch and dinner. I will pack the dinner for work. I work 3-11 pm at a group home. I love my work. But today I want to stay in the studio and clean and listen to May sing.

I want to go to the beach. I want to feel sand in my toes. I want to see my grandson dance. I want to build sand castles. I want Mike to come with me. We have not made a sand castle together, yet.

Word count: 808


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