July 8–Summer Candids

Today, I’ve been preparing the house for a guest! We have a spare room all cleaned out thanks to Mike’s hard work this past week. And made magical by a fun sprite (me)! I cannot tell you how excited I am in a simple blog-post, but I’m more excited than these two girls at the beach.

I’m in the kitchen tonight, gluten-free, dairy, egg, corn, and oat free cooking! I’m making my own “canned” fruit to avoid corn syrups and starches and using a gluten-free cake mix to make a dump-cake. To make the fruit I’m using either fresh or frozen fruit, some water, lemon juice, raw sugar and a bit of tapioca starch. I’m aalso making apricot glazed chicken thighs and apricot quinoa stuffing. I am taking these to a dinner tomorrow evening.It was necessary to cook tonight as I’m watching my grandson Liam in the morning. And of course Liam wants to play with Grandma :-)


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  1. Excellent! I need to use Quinoa more and get used to the flavor. I just use it a bit here and there, but not as a base for anything yet.

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