Dance Like No One is Watching

Dance Like No One is Watching--Take I

Photographer: Kim Nixon
Clothing Artist: Eclectique Art Studio, Catherine Brunet

While at the 32nd Annual Hiawatha Music Festival this past weekend I admired how the light was playing with these slips at a vendor’s booth. The wind would make the slips dance. The traditional music and sunshine had everyone in a playful mode. I was walking over to see the children’s parade when I passed the slips and had to turn back to take photos. I took this photo with the idea of playing with “actions”. It was the first time I can recall having these thoughts before taking an image. I framed it with post-processing in mind.

The image directly above is processed in Adobe LightRoom and no actions were applied, yet.

Dance Like No One is Watching--Take II

The clothing vendor is Catherine Brunet of Marquette, Michigan. She has a studio on Washington Street called Eclectique Art Studio.

I wanted to play-up highlighting so I used Optikverve’s Virtual Photographer and applied the “Cinnamon” action. I have Virtual Photographer as an add-on to my Adobe Photoshop Elements version 7.

Dance Like No One is Watching--Take III

In this version I added a gradient to play up mystery.

Hiawatha Music Festival is an annual event in Marquette, Michigan featuring traditional music the event is always the 3rd weekend in July and starts on Friday afternoon and runs thru Sunday night. Mike and I have attend 6 Festivals in 7 years. We camp, even though it is minutes from our home. We like the magical feeling of the event.

Dance Like No One is Watching--Take IV

In the final version of the post-processing I faded the image, bringing in the softer, sensual feel. This image looks magical, and private.

I have ordered it in an 8×10 from and I hope to add it to my Etsy Store.

Which version is your fave?


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