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You know when the director yells, “Cut!”

The stories still unfold the film is just not rolling. The capturing of the moment goes offline, so to speak. I am taking at least a 5-day break from the Internet world. I will not be on: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or my Blogs. I will return on August 30th or September 6, 2010.

It’s funny how just a few years ago we never needed to explain this type of thing. I’m offering no explanations at this point either. I am just going to be with family. the garden, my food, and perhaps pencil and a journal. I’ll tell you how it went on my return.

Enjoying the Blue(z)!

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Blue. Monday. Beach. Short Journal Writes. A Magazine. Waves. Wind. Then back to the daily chores. 1 -hour on the sand after massage. Blue Heaven.

Slackin’ Summer

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I’ve been slackin’ this summer when it comes to blog posts. But I am finding out new things about my body, mid, and soul. I am finding new avenues for adventure. Pictured above at Hiawatha Music Festival with Kristen Karls and John Erdman is ME! Once afraid to stand on a kitchen chair due to my fear of heights I’m almost fearless. I had fun at playgrounds around town, lately as well. I will share more summertime fun photos soon.

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