Is Autumn Awaiting You?

Too rushed! I feel panic most days. I want, so badly, to slow down. But I’ve let my choices get too confused and I am forgetting that we are entering a time of release and rest. I need to touch this season and watch it fall, watch it release, watch the fragility of leaves as they crumble.

I’ve certainly been fragile. My neck so sore. I’ve a great need for naps (and I do not let my head rest). I want to color with markers at a picnic table and write with pen on brown paper lyrics, and symbols, let out the mysteries that angels whisper in my ear.

How are you moving with the seasons? And is there a new choice to make? Perhaps you’re letting go?

Please share…


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  1. I’m stuck and not moving with the seasons at all. Thanks for this reminder. I’m not sure how or what to let go of, but it’s me doing the crumbling, more than the leaves.

  2. Today I was reminded just how fragile my body can be, at times. I think it is a lesson in self-care. There were things this week that I could have done different. But I also made some good decisions like cutting back on how hard I push myself with work. Instead of working 7am-11pm, I called in and let go fo a shift at the school. But I forgot to drink enough water, to keep getting the answers from doctors. I was lulled by a good stretch of health. But I have more to do/learn.

    Oh, how I wish we lived closer to each other! It sounds like you need a hug.

  3. So I hopped on this site with all your wonderful pictures and was hoping to find a category titled “Zero Degrees.”

  4. I am letting go a lot of negative energy I have been carrying around. Trying to focus on the positives like my portrait business, my weight loss and my photography. I have not been out to take photos of the Autumn foliage. However, your post has inspired me to go exploring tomorrow and fall into the season. Thanks Kim!

  5. I, too am trying hard to focus and let go of the junk I carry with me (both physical and mental). I am trying to make space to allow for growth into my creative industries, too! I still need to get back to you on logo/banner for my Etsy store. But I went out of twon. Oh! That trip was so neccesary and so enlightening.

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