Creative Sundays

I hung out with my demons today. When I do this, I visit the Alligator and I talk to him. He is a wise demon but likes to fool with me as well (sigh). But he reminds me not to take things painfully and he suggests a good dose of playtime. So where he is demonic and a bit of a trickster this gator is usually worth my time.

By the time I arrived home, after having played in the cool winter air, even after numb toes, I usually get a little creative so I decided to take a closer look at me with that Gator. What could the demon teach me about my visions?

So I zoomed in…

Then I thought, oh this is all much clearer now. I like this. Fresh air and the whispers of the Gator have brought some clarity to the questions demonizing me to wee hours of the morning.

  • Do I take a position that slows the momentum of this creative energy?
  • Do I try to do both?
  • Do I keep taking leaps of faith?

I plugged away all afternoon at creative projects. Here is one answer (below).

I love it when my questions lead to graphic messages! This is my new Etsy Store banner at Create with Kim!


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