Get Fit with Kim–20 minutes of Outdoor Activity

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The sun peaked out today and the winter blues were vivid. I’ve been noticing when the sun rises it is very far south from my view on the Bothwell Hill in South Marquette. Sunday Mike and I noticed the blue skies emerging in bits and pieces so we grabbed out cameras and got a short walk and photo shoot. My aim is at least 20-minutes of outdoor activity each day no matter how I feel that day. When the sun is out I get the added benefit of Vitamin D which is essential to my healing.

Camera walks are slow as I stop to take macros or gaze out to do wide-screen shots of the vista. I might climb over rocks and have even been known to scurry over cliffs, bouldering to the perfect spot to get a view, but this was a slow walk, some of it over ice and snow drifts.

Mike, my fiance’, was testing out two lenses for the Canon 60D. I had my Canon S5 IS, and lucky for me as I passed a grouping of milkweed with the perfect background options snow nad blue sky. I worked both in “program” mode and AV to get that sharpness of focus and silk and smooth bokeh behind (see the milkweed photo with shoreline in background).

This outing was perfect for my stress levels. I’m seeking new opportunities and new ways of making paychecks and I get worried from time to time. But in the midst of creating I feel most hopeful for a bright future.

Twenty minutes of activity s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d to nearly an hour. I came away happy! Very satisfied with the blue skies in my captures and ready to edit and create.


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  1. Great pictures. And I had a similar experience yesterday – was very stressed out – took a few hours to walk and take pictures – and at the end of the day realized I was refreshed and had not thought about my troubles all day. Having a creative outlet that requires some physical activity has done great things for my physical and mental health.

  2. Love the milkweed with the shoreline. My photo walks always tend to turn into long ones. It’s going to be sunny and 40 here tomorrow so I might head to the lake trails to shoot some film through the AE1. I sometimes feel that the lack of creativity makes me cranky and I haven’t used my camera in a few days. Have a great day Kim :)


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