Creative Every Day Week Two–Nurture and Heal

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A little late, week two was rough for me. Winter is taking a toll on my physical and spiritual health. Today the sun came out and allowed me to feel energized. These photos were taken today (January 20, 2011). One of my creative projects has been to revision my studio space. To make it welcoming and to re-establish habits that feed my creativity. I am also working with lists, each day I write down things to accomplish, plans for the next day, and for the end of the week. It has kept me moving, and mostly on task.

Jan 9, Sunday

Mike and I hung the first of four new shelves at Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative. I am in the process of moving into the newly opened room. I also managed grocery shopping at a big box store. With Celiac I often feel overwhelmed by how much of these stores is off-limits for a person avoiding: gluten, corn, egg, dairy/casein and soy. This is a creative and brave act, shopping. But so is my diet.

If you visit the Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative online, the nifty slideshow is composed mostly of my photos.

Jan 10, Monday

I was a substitute teacher for art at the local middle school. Felt strong this day and ran 3 miles on the treadmill at the YMCA.

Jan 11, Tuesday

Long day at work with a mandatory employee meeting. I powered up with a smoothie. It was a beautiful smoothie!

Jan 12, Wednesday

I allowed myself a morning to refuel, sleep in, and recoup. The headed to work for 3-11.

Jan 13, Thursday

Powerfully creative day starting with Yoga. Lunch with Grandson! worked at the Zero Degrees Artist Coop and made decision on my display that included pulling smaller photos for my Etsy store.

Jan 14, Friday

Edited photos, danced around the house, and watered and groomed houseplants. Then headed to work 3-11pm.

Jan 15, Saturday

My body had felt depleted all week and I knew this, nurtured, nourished, and slept as much as possible. But my emotions bubbled all over on Saturday. But I pulled it together and Mike and I went looking for blue paint chips. We purchased 4 more shelves for the gallery. Mike helped to calm me, helped ease the tension causing muscle spasms.

I talked to Shannon at the gallery and I stated, “I look for Hope in an certain angle of light.”

She asked, “Have you written that down yet?”

I did just that. Shannon is a wonderful woman who inspires me. She always reminds me of my talents and strengths. I need those reminders during this battle back to health. I’ve been blessed woth soem wonderful women in my life over the past few months.


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  1. I’ve been trying to find ways to feed my creativity too. I love lists and I feel I can stay on track so much easier. Good luck!

  2. Lisa the whole CED 2011 challenge is holding me more accountable–even when it is a day that I don’t work on a creative project, I am beginning to realize just how much creative energy I bring to life, living, healing. I have made more positive moves with my creative work than ever before. Please feel free to share ideas. :-) Thanks for your comment.

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