2011 Happiness Project–January

Happiness Project

Okay, this past year was rough. Good things happened yet I still felt out of my element often enough. I did not have that strong can-do attitude and I felt the rug being pulled from under my feet, too often. In 2010, I had already decided to concentrate on small things, tiny things. To rebuild a positive base you have to start with gratitude. You have to know where you are a happy. One thing was I wanted dinners at home, and the ability to lie in bed and read a book! Such a luxury. I did not want to feel the need to work 7am-11pm. I told myself it was crazy to do so and to STOP!

So yesterday I ran across The Happiness Project and since I am already committed to the Creative Every Day Challenge 2011, I thought what a perfect friend they‘d be. Let’s concentrate on Happy!

Kim is Springing out of Boxes

The reminder came in the mail, yesterday! I took part in an abundance group with professional woman who desired to create change. In the mail, the most wonderful gift arrived on the same day as joining the Happiness Project!

It has taken me a bit longer to manifest the changes, but I am getting there. My Etsy Store is forming-up, nicely. I am a working artist at Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative. Plus, I’ve my photography at the Marquette Art and Cultural Gift Gallery within the Peter White Library. With my day job I have gone through a couple changes, trying on differing aspects of the job to see what fits.


On my birthday I attended yoga at a new location, on departing there was a small bowl of stones with messages. I chose one that said, “Give.” My immediate reaction was muscles tensing and the defensive thought that I already give too much! I work in a Group Home. I give every day.  Then I realized I was looking at giving wrong. Giving does not deplete you when in the state of joyful giving. That I can also give to myself.

I went to the Gallery and a small birthday gift, so cute, delicate, colorful and joyful awaited me. It was from a friend that folds paper cranes. I was like a little girl when opening the gift. My next act was to take a photo from my display and march it down the street. It was a magical photo of a local business taken at dusk. It felt good to give of my gifts. Aha!


So just what am I reading? I am making time to read, “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. He is an amazing writer, good flow, good humor, great subject.  On the nights I do not work at the group home until eleven, my lovely “off” nights, I read!

I have also picked up “Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way” by Susan Weed. It comes highly recommended and lately I feel this 47-year-old-body preparing for the next phase of life. I need to educate myself on alternative methods of healing for this time.

Hopefully in the next week or so I can also order, Gretchin Rubin’s, “The Happiness Project”

Action Goals

1. Continue working on the studio upstairs–Making it more welcoming, functional and less cluttered.

2. Make more time for family—outings, dinners, visits.

3. Simple chores that make me happy—water plants twice a week, declutter, cooking.

4. Read!

5. Enjoy one or two massages a month.


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