Creative Every Day 2011–Week 6

As a working artist with a day job I often struggle with fatigue and getting enough done. I have found that the Creative Every Day Challenge encourages me to chronicle the week and take notice of the creativity in each day. It might not be a creative work each day, but it is a creative approach at having a whole life, a holistic life.

2.6.2011, Sunday

  • Included in this playful treasury, One Thing Leads to Another.
  • Shopped for my daughter and daughter-in-law’s birthday presents with Mike.
  • Made the decision to learn how to crochet.

2.7.2011, Monday

  • Lit a candle, peace.
  • Used essential oils, centered.
  • Restorative yoga and power yoga at home to shift unexpected energies in my day.
  • Took time to read Yoga Journal.
  • Blogged my Week 5 accomplishments.

2.8.2011, Tuesday

  • Snowshoe at Al Quaal the sound of wind in the trees, tree creak, woodpeckers and little birds singing in the cold blue day.
  • Attended Heart Wisdom with Roslyn McGrath.
  • Happiness Blog post.
  • Photo order arrived!
  • Sale of stocks deposited into biz account for new product development needs.

2.9.2011, Wednesday

  • Slow morning, woke to sunshine.
  •  Paid attention to what makes me whole.
  • Oatmeal, blogging, and stir-fry.

2.10.2011, Thursday

  • Yoga day!
  • Photos of President Obama’s motorcade as it entered Marquette Michigan.
  • Attended Superiorland Photography Club.

2.11.2011, Friday

  • Applied for jobs, including walking my resume into one location.
  • Had a dancing good time at work thanks to G.
  • Appeared on Absolute Michigan as part of the coverage of President Obama’s trip to Marquette Michigan.

2.12.2011, Saturday

  • Grocery shopped before work.
  • Had a moment of weakness that was a strong  awareness of where I need to mend.

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