Get Fit with Kim–Nourish Your Life!

Safe local products from Herbal Oasis!

I tried products that I thought would be safe only to have my eyes burn with irritation. Who knew it would be so hard to find products that were gluten-free and healthy for my skin. I’ve been avoiding parabens, and products with ingredients that I will never be able to pronounce. And since my diagnosis of Celiac Disease, I’ve slowly been calling manufactures to ask if the products in my bathroom and on my dresser are safe. Sometimes the companies have no clue. Many do not have a clear list of products I can shop for, instead it necessitates I’ve a product number already in front of me. Hard to do if you want to go to a store and make a purchase.

My waste basket fills up, quickly. Some products I contribute to family or donate to organizations.

I’m lucky to have Herbal Oasis here in Marquette, Michigan. I have known business owner, Deanna Attee for many years, but only recently have I re-stocked my personal care products from her line.

Celiac Disease has done a number on my skin. Maybe it’s because I have no wheat germ and little Vitamin E in my life. Maybe it is being 47 and peri-menopausal, the hormones are pretty funky these days. My skin this winter–irritated and dry–I called Deanna and pleaded, “Help!?”

The first two products I added in were Coco-Loco Body Balm and the Skin Smoothing Facial Oil. I could tell a difference in my face immediately. I love the essential oils, there’s an aroma therapy effect. I feel more centered, hydrated and nourished. Today, I added in two more products: Renewing Eye Treatment and Gentle Facial Cleanser.

I get the joy of buying local, supporting another artisan, and being able to talk face-to-face about the product. I can ask the source of Vitamin E and trust her response. Oh, and Deanna ships her Herbal Oasis products!

Be sure to email or talk to Deanna about which of her products are gluten-free. She is very knowledgeable!

If you need to research your personal care products you can begin your education at Skin Deep and The Environmental Working Group.


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