Creative Every Day–Week 8

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This was the first week that felt out of my grasp, I was vacant and distracted. Yet, I found moments of deep relaxation and joy.  I took a promotion at work which brings me back to full-time status.  I spent the last 4 months gearing up for change, committing to my art. But the practical came rushing back in. I took the job. What does this mean? Will I continue to accomplish in my creative life?

So today, I took strongly to procrastination and laziness. I still managed to  put four new framed photos in the gallery, visit with artists and friends, play games, and cook an awesome dinner. And posted my weekly CED 2011 chronicle on Monday (albeit at night, but not late).

The close of Febraury has me questioning my Passion. That scares me! But I look forward to March’s optional theme of Nest. Can I put my hopes and dreams into a NEST. Will they protect and cradle my dreams. Will I have the energies to come home and sit on that nest?

February 20, 2011–Sunday

  • Deep cleaning of home, which included rearranging the living room, considering new possibilities.
  • Shopping for new clothes for Mike.
  • Making a new recipe and straying far from the instructions.
  • Posted my Creative Every Day chronicle, on time!

February 21, 2011—Monday

  • Zero Degree Artist Cooperative, monthly meeting–but I was ill and stayed home.

February 22, 2011—Tuesday

  • Guest Writer, post by Christine Kane.

February 23, 2011—Wednesday

  • Sub-taught and it was a rough day.
  • Spent the evening searching out job opps.

February 24, 2011—Thursday

  • Attended Yoga
  • Massage from Anne
  • Clear Bags arrived in the mail—readying of photos for sale.
  • Job Promotion effective 2/28,  found out today!
  • Included in the Spring Flora Treasury on Etsy!

February 25, 2011—Friday

  • Made it to the YMCA for a work-out.
  • Enjoyed the hot-tub.

February 26, 2011—Saturday

  • Outhouse Races, South Beach, Scott Falls and more!
  • Photo edits.

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