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Gifted on a Day Off Work

Day Off Work Hikes–Lil’ Presque, Marquette MI.

I came across this feather which appeared very blue-black in color. I was off trail. I had been called into the tall red pines and was walking bare ground as the trails had snow pack and ice. The air was warm, 45 degrees farenheit, and the aroma of pine filled the air. You could hear the sound of melting pack-ice on the shore of Lake Superior. After kneeling with camera, taking some macros, I picked up the feather and turned and in one step was another bluer, blacker, feather that appeared to glow.

Gifted Twice
Day Off Work Hikes–Lil’ Presque, Marquette MI.

The glowing feather. What bird was this? A crow, or perhaps a raven? What did these two feathers mean? What was the metaphor and story trying to come through? I was called out to the Big Lake, today.

What’s been calling you?

Calling all Creative Thinkers!

Super Moon, Marquette Michigan

I need to get serious about bills, about getting a Big Girl Camera, and developing the online creative biz of my dreams. But how? How to create the funds I need. Find the time I need? (Explanation: As I am working a full-time job) (Explanation #2: And I have to cook all my meals do to my food avoidances).

Over the coming weeks we will explore, ways to progress!

Good progress has been made over the past couple months. Let’s boost self-confidence with the List Factor.

  1. I’m an artist at Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative.
  2. I also have work hanging in the Huron Gallery at the Peter White Library.
  3. I will have work hanging at the Peter White again in April/May.
  4. I met with an accountant to check my tax status perosnally and professionaly.
  5. Paid off two credit cards.

Great, pat self on back.  (pat, pat, pat)

Move forward!

How to develop additional incoming funds? To pay off medical debt. AND purchase new equipment? AHA! I need ideas, gimmicks, and get rich quick schemes (that work).

Photo: I went Super Moon hunting with life-partner Mike Hainstock who took this photo. I was again reminded of my camera’s limits. I use a Canon s5 IS and long for a full DSLR. I used some “actions” to create the photo above which to me looks like a spooky scene from a movie, a painting, but not what I wanted to take that night. I long to do thing like this.

Cook with Kim–Chicken Cashew Cream with Crimini Mushrooms

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Chicken Cashew Cream with Crimini Mushrooms

Thinking back to the days when I could eat anything I craved a chicken casserole with rice and cream of mushroom soup. I knew I wanted leftovers so I made a huge pan of the following.

Four chicken breasts bone-in skin-on

2 cups of Lundberg Short Grain Rice

Cashew Milk (directions will follow)

1 cup of So-Delicious Coconut Milk

½-1 cup of water

4-8 cloves of garlic

½ an onion

Crimini mushrooms (optional_

Flat-leaf parsley



Cashew Milk: for this recipe I oaked approximately 1 cup of cashews in water for several hours, rinse, strain and drain. Put into blender add one cup of water and blend fully.

1. Pre-cook brown rice for 15-20 minutes on stove top. Drain and transfer to casserole dish.

2. Pour your cashew milk into casserole dish with brown rice.

3. Pour 1 cup of So-Delicious Coconut milk into casserole dish.

4. Mince garlic and toast in a small frying pan over low heat with a tiny bit of EVO.

5. Add toasted garlic to casserole dish.

6. Add ½ an onion, diced.

7. Add crimini mushrooms (I slice mine large so Mike can pick them out.)

8. Cut in some parsley sprigs.

9. Does it look okay? Mine looked like it would need liquid and I added ½ a cup. (And 30 minute into baking 1/8 a cup of water.)

10. Place trimmed and rinsed chicken breasts on rice in casserole dish.

11. Sprinkle breasts with paprika and sea salt.

You can consider salting your rice as well. Suggested side dish green beans or broccoli.

My oven is gas and I baked the casserole at 375  degrees for 45 minutes.

*This dish had coconut and cashews.

*This dish is gluten-free, egg-free, corn-free, casein/dairy-free.

Prayers & Questions

03122011_prayers-5297 copy

It has been a week of muscles spasms and no exercise accept for a 90-minute restorative yoga class at St Paul’s in Marquette. I did not even feel like taking photos today. I just felt like crying. Thank goodness, I am blessed with a man who can lay beside me until I calm.

I chose a different adventure. To the Marquette Food Co-op for dinner fixings and a trip to Every Day Wines for a bottle of wine.

I know nothing of wine. I am nervous it will make my condition worse. But I am hoping, too for a bit of relaxation.

My muscles spasms have raged this week, at times incapacitating me. Then sometimes they are just annoying. I almost cried at the Marquette Historical Center when I was up on the second floor trying to shoot the dome straight up and a lean to the railing almost dropped me to my knees.

My legs are even sore. (They were not the week I ran three times.)

The cramps and spasms started Sunday (today is Saturday) on the trails of Presque Isle. My body had gone into a fit. I call these flare-ups. I hurt from between my shoulders, to my toes.

Some weeks I can run 3 times for a total of 8-9 miles, go to yoga, help with a special needs swim, and hike. I can shovel snow. I can do my job with ease. Then the next week a flare has me in its grip. All I can bring forth are tears.

I thought long today on “nests” and “nesting” how I wanted to be cradled and lulled.
Some may ask, “Kim, why are you writing this and why so negative?”

It is not that I am trying to dwell on the negative, it is that I am trying to cope and in a way examine the “messages” I am suppose to be receiving in my recovery.

I know I am more than my body. I know this.

Is it wrong to love the feeling of flying thru the woods on a trail full of roots and rocks. To feel the wind rush past? I think not.

Tonight I pray for healing. Understanding.

Not acceptance.

I cannot get my mind around the idea of acceptance.

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