Calling all Creative Thinkers!

Super Moon, Marquette Michigan

I need to get serious about bills, about getting a Big Girl Camera, and developing the online creative biz of my dreams. But how? How to create the funds I need. Find the time I need? (Explanation: As I am working a full-time job) (Explanation #2: And I have to cook all my meals do to my food avoidances).

Over the coming weeks we will explore, ways to progress!

Good progress has been made over the past couple months. Let’s boost self-confidence with the List Factor.

  1. I’m an artist at Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative.
  2. I also have work hanging in the Huron Gallery at the Peter White Library.
  3. I will have work hanging at the Peter White again in April/May.
  4. I met with an accountant to check my tax status perosnally and professionaly.
  5. Paid off two credit cards.

Great, pat self on back.  (pat, pat, pat)

Move forward!

How to develop additional incoming funds? To pay off medical debt. AND purchase new equipment? AHA! I need ideas, gimmicks, and get rich quick schemes (that work).

Photo: I went Super Moon hunting with life-partner Mike Hainstock who took this photo. I was again reminded of my camera’s limits. I use a Canon s5 IS and long for a full DSLR. I used some “actions” to create the photo above which to me looks like a spooky scene from a movie, a painting, but not what I wanted to take that night. I long to do thing like this.


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  1. Yay for the list of positives!

    Dreaming big…excellent!

    Ideas: What can you do each day creatively with the camera you DO have right now? What information to you have to share on your own artistry? Write out everything you do in a day…where do you see 5-10 minutes? (use that time to create)

    You are on your way! Looking forward to seeing where your creative journey leads!

  2. Why do hobbies always get so expensive? There is always something on my art “gotta have” list just waiting for extra funds. Sounds like you are doing well with your planning and are getting there bit by bit. Mike’s photo is pretty amazing but I am also drawn to the atomosphere in yours. Are you familar with this quote from Theodore Roosevelt?
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. I did a mixed media journal page with that recently, because it has been on my mind lately. I needed reminding of it, I guess. :)

  3. I love the etheral quality of the picture. And congratulations on the progress you made the last couple of months. I’m particularly jealous of the paying off two credit cards part.

  4. Absolutely love what you’ve done with this photo. It’s captivating. Keep pursuing your dream. I’ve got one bubbling away too, but we do need to act. Your confidence list is a great boost – you do have it in you to move this thing forward.

  5. Kim, you take such wonderful photos that I am convinced you don’t even need a “big girl’s camera”. I bought a Canon Rebel in November and haven’t yet seen the quality that would make the purchase “worth it”. However, it would be helpful if I read the manual, lol! Which I am deeply resisting because I like to create with stories more. Have I told you how much I admire your creativity lately?

  6. I finally got a big girl camera last year and I love it in certain situations, even though I’m not 100% familiar with all its capabilities yet. But do keep in mind that there’s a learning curve involved, and maybe put off the purchase until you have the time and resources to actually do the learning? Otherwise you’re just investing in a fancier, heavier point-and-shoot.

  7. Jul–I know what you mean about the learning curve as I am watching my finace’ deal/cope with that issue. Good advice!

  8. Kathy–thank you! I am hoping to push myself to new level with a Big Girl Camera. But a recent promotion at work has that on hold as I grow into the new position. It might be nice to get out from under some debt, too.

    I am committing to my writing for the month of April! I am excited for this.

    I admire your work, too!

    Hoping to simplify some of my online world, though, as blogs I used to follow, are now blogs I miss. I need to be centered when it comes to my purpose on the computer–less Facebook! More projects.

  9. Louise, Melisa, and Inner~Creative~Voice, thank you so much for your comments. It is nice to know there are others out there reading the blog and creating. I love to build community.

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