Gifted on a Day Off Work

Day Off Work Hikes–Lil’ Presque, Marquette MI.

I came across this feather which appeared very blue-black in color. I was off trail. I had been called into the tall red pines and was walking bare ground as the trails had snow pack and ice. The air was warm, 45 degrees farenheit, and the aroma of pine filled the air. You could hear the sound of melting pack-ice on the shore of Lake Superior. After kneeling with camera, taking some macros, I picked up the feather and turned and in one step was another bluer, blacker, feather that appeared to glow.

Gifted Twice
Day Off Work Hikes–Lil’ Presque, Marquette MI.

The glowing feather. What bird was this? A crow, or perhaps a raven? What did these two feathers mean? What was the metaphor and story trying to come through? I was called out to the Big Lake, today.

What’s been calling you?


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  1. We were also gifted today. We were able to add three birds to our life list and see Lake Erie together. We want to get to all five Great Lakes this year. At first I thought that the Lake Erie sighting was enough, but then I realized that we have to go back because we all need to put our feet in every one of those Great Lakes. Maybe we’ll even add Lake St. Clair to the list. And maybe we need a photo of us putting our feet in each one!

  2. Oh what birds? :-) I like the plan of photos of feet in Great Lakes!

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