Can I be an April Fool, 3 days late?

April 30-day Photo Project, Day Four

A bit behind. Or as behind as one can get when spread too thin. My very first middle management position. Training for a race. Healing an immune system. Being on call. Trying to work on writing, photography and other creative endeavours. Maybe I have been a fool, every day? An artist every day?

Maybe this life is about constant and consistent re-balancing and re-commitments.

One of my commitments to keep moving forward creatively into 2011, is to post a photo-a-day to The April 30 Day Project at Flickr. I am excited to see which photo I choose each day. I have to take more than one photo, of course, you know no one can eat just one potato chip, snap just one photo…

Then there is the theme for the Creative Every Day 2011 Challenge, Small. The photo of our cat seemed low to the ground, his tiny pink nose a contrast to the green lush (but yet to bloom) hyacinth. The bloom to come a small promise of my birth into spring, this year, this healing.

It is snowing today, sleeting, and I spent time at the kitchen window this afternoon watching the robins eat crab apples that had fallen to the ground. I potted-up lavender, sweet mint, peppermint, oregano, basil, rosemary and hyacinth. The cat had to make his comments on my mess and checkout which plants might be fine eating. I separated-out baby aloe plants for family, friends and coworkers. The newly potted plants will keep me feeling green as I await an Upper Peninsula spring.

These plants can be a centering force, healing. When feeling overwhelmed by my many commitments I can run a hand through lavender in the bathroom, or basil on the kitchen window sill. I can watch the hyacinth pop into bloom in the bay window. I can unfold and breathe, refocus and practice balance.

I can smile like a fool and leap into my creative world unexpectedly and with joy over and over!

April Commitments

  1. Daily Gratitudes
  2. Photo a day, taken on that day
  3. Write or journal each day even if it is just a chronicle on each photo.

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