Chocolay Willow

Chocolay River Willow with Bridge
The April 30-Day Project–Day 7

After working at Zero Degrees Artist Gallery, Mike and I went for a walk from the Marquette Visitor Center up the beach to the Chocolay. We then walked up river from the mouth. And there “She” was, my willow. I had been looking for the perfect willow shot. The last month or so I’ve watched the willows turn brighter, more yellow, preparing for spring.


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  1. Beautiful! I love willows. And, interestingly, I happened on your blog today. I was born in the Upper PI – outside of Marquette, on KI Sawyer Air Force Base (which is no longer there). Small world!

  2. Hi Aimee,

    The base is still there–just not as a military presence. It is a community called Sawyer and they still use Gwinn schools. Glad you could drop in! I added you as a contact in Flickr :-)


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