It Gets Complicated

The April 30-Day Project


The Wreck This Journal Project,
Fruit Sticker Pages

It get’s complicated and things get lost. I lost a set of rechargeable batteries and an 8 Gig SD card full of cherished family photos. And I did not have back-ups of the data.

Mike suggested leaving out a bowl of electrons and seeing if the SD Card will come home to me.

So Here goes…come home SD Card we miss you and all your little pieces of data. Want to cuddle, go for a camera walk? I am here. I am sorry I ignored your needs. I have a pen to store you in–I promise I will take time with you.

Other things that have fallen away? The Wreck this Journal Project which was to be a March Madness workshop. (sigh)

These things will come back to me ( I Hope).

BTW I am good at Fruit Stickers. It is one of the only pages I’ve worked on! I eat a lot of fruit.

The April 30-Day Project was a commitment to my art that I underwent when taking a full-time middle management position. I felt it would be a step back, creatively, so I ought to pick a focus. The project has been a challenge. But it keeps my eyes open for the creativity in my daily life.


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