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Let’s Get Summer Popping!

I’ve been practicing new techniques in photo post-processing. Just a beginner with some of these processes. But I like how this poppy photo turned out, taken in my backyard this evening after working the day-shift. Mike was beating on my brakes. Morning doves were resting on the grape arbor. Baby birds were making a ruckus in the deep lilacs. I was working on floral captures. It was a good end to a work-day and a good start to my one-day weekend.

Wishcasting Wednsday: What do you wish for this summer?

This is my first time participating in WishCasting Wednesdy with Jamie Ridler and I am excited (see Kim smiling). I believe strongly in the power of intention. Once upon a time, I wanted to go to massage school. I had no idea how I would afford school but the intention was set in motion by cleaning out a spare bedroom in my home and buying the first set of sheets for my massage room. I understand the sky is the limit!

My wish this Wednesday is to develop the perfect wellness plan that will fit with the time and scheduling of my “day-job” which can be 7-days a week and any of the three shifts. My plan will include:

  • Partners and supporters I want my journey to include community
  • Weight training
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Tai Chi
  • Massage
  • Farmer’s Market

This will help me have more consistency, move me toward my goals, and help my immune system to heal. And yes, I want these to be weekly events.

This is my wish. My first step is to go to yoga tomorrow!

Being Selective

This is a thimbleberry blossom. I attended a car show with Mike and I ended up entranced by thimbleberries, indian paintbrush and dandelions. That deep inner voice was telling me to be selective. And I recalled how this week I will have ups and downs. Even my day planner forecasts this as my shifts vary from one day to the next. I do not have two days off in a row and I will be pressed to find the time to train for the next race and take care of my health. Selective. Look for small blessings. Look for lush renewal in tiny places in the in-between worlds. Like the blossoms of summer.

Seeking Meaning

I needed to unfold and grow this week. Feeling tired and disconnected from my creative self, I grabbed a camera to run my errands around town. Not 5 minutes from home “messages” started to appear. (smile).

Guidance is there if I choose to listen, “We must remember that everything is as it should be. Trust in the Divine guidance you receive. Remain centered and connected to that which makes you whole. When in doubt nourish your soul and listen deeply.”

Let’s start this summer off WILD!

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Memorial Day weekend I travelled to the west end of the Upper Peninsula to a ZOO! The DeYoung Family Zoo is a different place and quite an adventure. I spent part of Saturday taking a nap on a picnic table while listening to lions and tigers. The day was warm and full of sunshine, a slight wind kep the bugs down (it is the Upper Peninsula ya know, eh?). Mike and I enjoyed ourselves and tried our best to fill our camera’s memory cards.

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