Dreamboard–Full Harvest Moon

An impromptu trip to Duluth brought manifestation from my board created on September’s full moon. I created space! I found myself in Duluth Minnesota on a Friday, alone, with a backpack, twenty dollars and a camera. Mike had business that day. I got to follow my own impulses and was aided only by a tri-fold brochure map from the Holiday Inn.

I had never been to Duluth. We arrived the night before under the cloak of night. I even had a panic attack on the highways and bridges leading into Duluth. I thought this is too much. I cannot do this.

But the sun rose full of promise and the lakeshore called. Mike readied for a day at his company headquarters and I readied for a morning run on the Lake Walk. My only plan was to make it back to the hotel at noon to check out and finish loading our vehicle and then I’d have another several hours until I met back up with Mike at 5pm.

I had space! All the wonderful space for expression in a place that expected nothing from me. Around each corner was another new vision. Inspiration was everywhere. I could hear the voices in my head talking to me, guiding me, to each new path.

My dreamboard is not clippings from a magazine, nor a collection of words pasted to a poster board. My dreambaord this month is my own work. The photos captured on the trip. For the coming month they shall inspire me to rebuild a life that speaks of my heart and talents.


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You can particpate with the rest of us making full moon dreamboards–just click!


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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

Posted on October 12, 2011, in Abundance, Creative Inspirations and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Awesome Kim. Glad your trip turned out well!

  2. Love this idea, how creative!! And I love the photographs.

  3. Awesome photography! Very interesting framing of views and angles of vision.
    Your story about wandering around town sounds like a marvelous adventure.

  4. Ah, I love this and I’m so jealous! I’ve been craving a day alone in a new place with just a backpack, $20 and a camera. This is awesome. So glad you got to go and photograph it too :)

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